Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2nd Appointment

Had my second appointment today. I've met 3 of the midwives now. I think there are four. This one, today, was really friendly and all but I think the second one is more my taste for delivering my child. Not as friendly as the one today but she seems more professional and doesn't irk me like the first midwife did.

I asked about the placenta encapsulation (cause I want to do that) and she wasn't sure if anyone in town does it, so most likely I'll have to do it myself. It doesn't look too hard, but I'll probably have to get a toaster oven and an extension cord to do it outside or find someone who will let me do it at their house because my mom doesn't want me doing it at hers, lofl!

Found out I'm B- blood type and will be getting that Rhogam shot.  Everything looked fine except my vitamin D levels. So I'll be taking supplements for that.

Heard the baby's heartbeat again. It sounded slower than the last two times but the midwife didn't say there was anything wrong, so meh. *shrug*

I can't wait until later this month! I'm going to schedule an ultrasound at the imaging center to see the gender. It'll be sooooo nice to see my baby again!

Oh and I got some maternity clothes for later this year. Two dresses from Old Navy, two ribbed tank tops, two regular tank tops, and a work shirt. The stuff wasn't even considered maternity. I just grabbed the XXL size. The dresses are like tents! I could put two big pillows under them and be totally fine! The tank tops will get stretched a bit. It was pretty cheap, too, since they were having a buy one get one half off sale. Saved over $30.

I plan to wear some skirts and dresses mostly this summer along with some legging things that go down to my knees underneath the things.

Yup, yup. All good!

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