Thursday, May 31, 2012


No that's not a typo in the title. I mean, moo. Apparently William really does not like the noise I make when imitating a cow.

I was reading this plush book to him and it has different animals in it. A duck, cow, lion, pig, and a giraffe. After going through it once I decided to go back through and make the noises for the ones that make a noise. He loved the quack since it's a noise I've made to him for months, he always laughs at it. The oinks had him laughing as well. The roar he didn't have any opinion of, but the moo he was none too happy about.

I didn't say, "Moooo." I came as close as I could to making the actual noise, which is something more like miiiir only the r is a lot softer. His eyes started tearing up and turning red around the rim and his mouth twisted into this pitiful O as he started to cry. I stopped and had to hug him close but of course I was laughing. Why the heck is he scared of that?

He's got this cow toy that makes the same noise. You push its nose and it vibrates and moos or vibrates, laughs, then starts playing music. He loves that toy. You think I need to vibrate as I moo at him?

Aaaand He's Off!

Pasting from Facebook as I have only one hand free at the moment:

William crawled!!!!! I was making blueberry coconut protein smoothie in the kitchen and he was playing at the edge of the carpet and I heard him slap the kitchen floor. So I turned and smiled at him then I asked if he was coming to get me. I saw his paci under the couch so I went and picked it up, then stood a few feet away from William and held the pacifier out to him and told him to come get me. He put his hand out and down, then brought a knee forward, then the other hand and the other knee. He did it until he got to me and grabbed his pacifier!!! He finally crawled!!! After about a month of him wobbling around and scooting everywhere he knows how to crawl ^_^

No offense to the woman with her 8-month-old I cashed out at JoAnns the other week but William beat her son by just over a month! :P
 So I know that babies develop at different rates but when I mentioned how long it was taking William to crawl she flapped her hand at me and said, "Yeah he won't crawl for a while now, mine didn't at 6 months."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It Had To Happen & Six Month Well Check

William fell off the bed a few hours ago. First time he's done that. Don't know why I didn't think to move him further from the edge. I was busy taping down the tin foil that had come up on the window (cheaper than black out curtains) and he was playing on the bed and I guess he went after the phone charger cord that was in a pile of stuffed animals next to the bed and down he went. I'm hoping he hit the animals and rolled to the floor, though the thump was pretty hard I guess it could have been like that if it was a fast roll down the mountain of plushies.

I picked him up right away and he stopped crying so I guess it didn't hurt him too much. But I will be keeping an eye out for any off behavior.


William had his 6 month well check last Friday. It's a bit late but oh well. He weighs 18lbs 10oz, head circumference is 18", body length is 27" (maybe 27.5). He's around the 50th percentile, whatever that means. All I know is that he's right where he should be considering how much he weighed at birth.

He had two shots that day and I wasn't looking forward to them but I was really surprised with how well he handled them. The first time he cried and I nursed him and the next day he wasn't feeling well at all. The next time he cried for a few minutes. I don't remember if he'd had shots each time, blah. But this last time he cried for a few seconds and was fine. Wasn't even grumpier than normal the next day. So proud of him! ^_^

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kisses and Bouncing

I'll eventually get to the update haha. As for now, though, yesterday was a very cute day for William. First, I put him in his jumper in hopes of wearing him out more before his nap. It worked wonders! I happened to look over at one point and saw his head loll to the side and his eyes go back into his head as he began to pass out. He jerked back awake then bounced some and began to pass out again. It was too cute! So I got up and pulled him from it and as soon as he was in my arms he was out. Put him on the bed and he did wake up  few times but went right back to sleep. He barely moves when sleeping so putting him on the far side of the bed near the corner is okay, especially since my bed is a king size.

After his nap my sister came over while our landlord's husband was about to put an exhaust fan in above her stove. She decided to help sort out William's clothes so we could figure out what to keep. We got a huge pile of it together and my sister thought it'd be fun to put William on the pile.

Later that night I was feeding him some sweet potatoes and decided to ask for  kiss. He put his forehead to mine. I asked a few more times with the same result. Apparently he thinks kissing means touching foreheads haha!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Toy Bucket

I'll make an update post later but as for right now here's something I just posted to Facebook:

William loves his toy bucket. Every morning I lay him on the floor and change his diaper near the bucket and when I'm done he rolls over and immediately grabs it and pulls it over, dumping out all his toys. Today, however, instead of playing with the toys, he's playing with the bucket! Chasing it all over the living room. It rolled onto the kitchen floor a bit go and he laid at the edge of the living room where carpet meets linoleum and stared at his bucket. He kept running his hand over the linoleum so I got up and set his bucket back on the carpet, but far enough away that he'd have to go after it. Hehe.
 He can't crawl yet but he can sure scoot around. If he really wants something he's pretty fast with his sort of army crawl.