Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Food Stuff

The other day I really wanted some brie. I tried it for the first time last year in August when my middle sister and I were in NC for two weeks (it was the two weeks we were supposed to spend with our grandma who had been diagnosed with cancer in February but she didn't make it past June).

Well my sister put some on a cracker for me and a little of this homemade pear jam and it was so utterly delicious! The pear jam wasn't overpowering so it went really well with the mild flavor of the brie.

 But one of the first things I learned after finding out I'm pregnant is that I can't eat brie. The reason being brie is made with unpasteurized milk and with the softness and all it can be a breeding ground for listeria. But I managed to find a bunch made with pasteurized milk. I only had two small bits today. I bought peach preserves to go with it. The store only had one thing of pear stuff and it was some sort of spread that was kind of like a thick syrup, it looked gross. Took me forever to choose a different one. In the end I figured peach wouldn't be as overpowering as the berry jams or as sweet as the orange marmalade.

And I also bought some more Totinos pizza since they're quick and easy and go great with a glass of milk. I keep craving pizza but I can really only handle Totinos party pizzas, the pizza rolls, and the pizza sticks from the grocery delis. A while back I got a pzone from Pizza Hut and it was just so greasy I was queasy for a while afterward and now can't bring myself to go for any big chain pizza.

So if there are any pregnant women out there who stumble upon this and want to have some brie, I bought the Presedente brand, but also Alouette seems to be made with pasteurized milk. But I wouldn't just go and grab some and start chowing down, I'm still going to look into it a bit more (which is why I didn't eat a bunch tonight) and make absolutely sure it's ok since it's pasteurized. So check with your OB or whoever just to be on the safe side.

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