Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mmm Chocolate Milkshake

Had one from McDonald's last night. That means that it was okay but not very good. They make it way too sweet and way too runny.

Anyways, a few minutes after I started drinking it, baby started going berserk! Guess I got me a chocolate lover -_-' lol. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, too rich for me most of the time.

Baby was just going wild for hours last night and it's so cute because it make my belly pop so I can watch it lol.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just a Small Update

I sometimes forget to post here.

Well the round ligament pain finally went away, thank goodness! It hurt, yes, but was more annoying than anything else. Don't remember when it went away but it's been gone for a few days now.

By the midwives' count (since they're going to stick with Nov. 5th as the due date) I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow. Only 15 more weeks to go! I can't remember if it was yesterday or the day before or what but my ticker said 110 days to go. That's crazy! Soon I'll be in the double digits for countdown! O_O Where does the time go!? So close to getting to meet my little one ^_^ I can't wait to see what they look like. Pretty much all babies are born with blue eyes but I'm really hoping my kid will actually have blue eyes. Since the kid will have my last name it'll be strange if they end up with brown eyes. From what I know, no one in my family with my last name as brown eyes. Not even hazel eyes. And my kid will most likely have brown or black hair so dark hair with blue eyes would be absolutely gorgeous! And my kid will most likely have slightly almond-shaped eyes since the FOB is half Native Alaskan.

And I can't wait to see what kind of personality my kid ends up having! Though that is a bit further off than just wondering about looks.

Also, I totally forgot to put this up way earlier but I've been able to feel baby's kicks and some movement from the outside. Though most of the time I don't get to because the kid knows when  move to put my hand on my stomach to feel the movement and so stops moving. I've gotten to feel it a few times. Mostly, though, I'll just be sitting and watching TV and I'll feel it moving around and then it'll get some kicks or jumps in there and I'll notice my belly jump from the movement lofl!

Baby's schedule has gotten messed up somehow so when it's up it's up for about 4 hours and just moves around like mad then sleeps for an hour or two. When the baby's up it's fun because of all the movement. My favorite moments are when it does something inside me that tickles the heck outta me. I can't wait to get it back and tickle it.

And now that my uterus is higher up I felt movement about two inches above and to the left of my belly button. That was fun since it's so new.

Sucky thing today was that I think the actual prenatal vitamins make me sick. I took one to taste it (they're gummy ones) and about 20 minutes later as I was finishing my dinner I started feeling nauseous. I had to go throw up. It sucked. It was a really good dinner too and now it means I've only had two small slices of zucchini bread, 3/4 of a Tostino's party pizza, some milk, and two homemade cookies to eat today. I need to find something to eat now, even though it's around 10:30pm. Going to try the vitamins again tomorrow after I eat something and see if I still get nauseous. Because it could have been that I ate it too far before my meal and I hadn't eaten for about 5 or 6 hours so my stomach was pretty empty, or it could have been the broccoli. I love broccoli and it didn't make me feel queasy to eat it, but the last time I was nauseous was when my mom made broccoli, stewed potatoes, and moose meatloaf and she forgot about the broccoli and so it was overcooked and the mushy texture made me sick. So we'll see.

I know the regular one a day multi-vitamins I used to take before I got pregnant would make me sick if I took them with either too little or nothing on my stomach. So that could very well be the case here. I really don't want to continue with the Flintstones Complete because I'm getting sick of those things and they are starting to taste disgusting to me now. Well, here's hoping it's just and easy fix!

Oh and I got a swing, a travel size pack n play (since there's no room for a regular one or a crib in my room), a baby bath tub, a portable booster chair with a tray for meals, a special plate and bowl from Japan just for my baby when they get older ^_^, and my middle sister got me tons of clothes!

The swing looks pretty much brand new and it works great and I got it for $5 at a yard sale! Woohoo! The next thing (or things, really) I need are the cloth diapers. I'm a little scared to be doing the cloth diapers, I feel like it could be harder than I think it will be but I still really want to try it. I've seen some incredibly adorable ones people have made themselves for their little ones and I would love to do that someday. So just need a starter kit for now. I wanna go check out this store in town that I know has them because I need to see more in person so I can see how they are. Hopefully will get to do that tomorrow when me, my mom, and middle sister go shopping for stuff for the double shower on Sunday!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Round Ligament Pain

I've had this for the past few days. It's annoying! Every time I roll over in bed it hurts. Every time I stand up after sitting for a while, it hurts! And then for most of the day I have an aching in my lower abdomen under where my stomach sticks out.

Wonder how long it's supposed to last.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Sorts of Things

I try very hard to be a happy person but even I have my limits. Those of us who show the rest of the world a humorous or joyous side pretty much every single time we're out and about just have more crap building up behind the scenes.

I can't wait until the majority of my stress and worries is about the baby and everything else that I get down thinking about or dealing with takes a back seat. But for the moment I have to try and focus on other things besides what gets me down and it's difficult.


I haven't eaten for about 3 hours and I'm starting to get hungry. It's so hard to figure out what to eat and even harder when it feels like there's nothing really to make. Being overweight and pregnant I want to try and eat as healthy as I can, restricting junk food to a minimum so I don't have to worry about gestational diabetes, but it's difficult when it's so easy to just run out to a fast food place and grab something.
I wish I could figure out all these meals I'd like to eat for a week and get the stuff. But I'm pretty crazy when it comes to having to actually want to eat it that day. So I could do all that but then it would most likely end up that I don't want to eat any of it during the week it was gotten for. 
I feel like I'm depriving my baby of its nutrition, even though I take all my vitamins everyday. Yesterday I realized I'd only had two meals. I ate a bowl of dry mini wheats around 10am and didn't eat again until about 3pm and that was Burger King. I got the chicken fries meal but something was wrong with me and it was all I could do to eat all the fries and I only ate 6 of the 9 chicken fries. I mean, it's not bad to not eat all of a meal, especially if it's fast food, but still. I want to make sure I'm eating at least well in the sense that my baby is getting food, even if it's not particularly healthy. 
I should sit down with my mom and see about me and her planning out the meals for the next two weeks. If I have some help in thinking of what to eat, it'll be easier. And if there's a meal planned, I will gladly cook it if my mom would like it ready soon after she gets home. I just don't like cooking when I have to think of what to make. It gets frustrating.
Haha and the writer in me is cringing over the fact that pretty much all the paragraphs in this post begin with, "I".