Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bedtime Tonight

The little booger is in his swing. He better sleep well tonight because he got up at 9:30am and had about an hour and a half nap from 11:30am to 1:19pm. And for some reason he was totally fine with not eating from about 2pm to 7pm. I don't understand it. But now he's fed and asleep. What I hate, though is that it takes me so long to be ready to feed him. I don't get it. He eats about every 3-4 hours and yet I'm barely ready for him. Blah. Anyways I hope he sleeps well tonight. He slept almost 8 hours straight last night. I did wake him up to eat sometime before midnight but he didn't wake up all the way and he went right back to sleep after and slept until about 3:45am then went back to bed until about 6am and I got him back to sleep and eh got up for the day three hours later. Hmm.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

More on FOB

I took William to see his dad and brother today. William was a happy little guy and his brother enjoyed getting to see him. He was in the back of the car with William saying, "I got what I wanted; a little brother!" Really cute!

I didn't spend much time there because it took me so long to get ready (thanks to the new haircut, which I love but can't understand why it's so poofy for me but was flat for the hairdresser) seeing FOB was cutting into William's nap time. Poor little guy hasn't had a good schedule the last few days. I'm really hoping he'll get to have a normal nap tomorrow. Not sure, though since there's church and then we have to stop by the store.

When we got home after leaving FOB's I took a few picture of William because he was really cute with his shirt covering half his face while sleeping and then peeking out over the top of it when he woke up. FOB texted back laughing and calling William a junior creeper because the peeking picture really did look just a bit creepy. Then he thanked me for bringing William over and said it was nice to have everyone together.

He's been doing pretty well lately when it comes to just the way he acts in general. He's actually been trying to get me to have lunch with him so he can see William more often but I've been so busy this week. The fact that he's been asking really says something.

I talked to him a bit about what's going on in his life lately. He told me the other day that he's taken a safety course and will be taking a structural welding class at the end of this month so he can work on the north slope. Today he mentioned he's going to be taking a daddy class to help him be a better parent. He really wants to do better by his children and make sure he can teach them well and not impart anything bad on them. He wants to have this good job and get his own place and everything. And I know when he has regular money he'll be asking me if I need anything. When he gets some extra cash lately he does ask me if I need anything.

I won't be doing child support but we have the understanding that if I really need something for William and he has the money I can ask him to get it. I find that's a better way to do things rather than just take his money when he has it.

All this new stuff with him is really nice. I'm hoping it continues and he can really make a change in his life. I would like to see him happy. I've never figured he's a bad person. He's just so turned around and he knows it. I'll be praying that he continues trying to make things better for himself and that he continues trying to be a good parent.


On another note, William desperately wants to sit up. While awake in his swing or in his bouncy chair, he tries to sit forward so he's actually sitting up and not reclined. It's really cute and I feel bad that he can't really do it yet. But he'll get there.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hmm I think a little color might be nice. I wish I was more tech/html/whatever savvy so I could make the blog look nice but I'm only slightly above average when it comes to anything on the computer. I have a livejournal and the preset stuff I picked out I really like. Wish Blogspot's stuff was better.

Anyway the point to this post. So William will be 3 months in four days. He has been cooing, smiling, laughing, lifting his head during tummy time, focusing on objects and following them, and now I can add rolling over and getting his index and middle fingers into his mouth to the list.

Yesterday (February 7, 2012) William rolled over for the first time. He was having his tummy time and watching TV (the best time to do tummy time because he wants to lift his head to see the screen) and he lifted his left arm like he was reaching for something and just rolled onto his back! I happened to be filming it with my cell phone because I was amazed at how long he was hodlding his head up. He's been able to hold it up for several minutes.

Today he rolled over again. He did have a little bit of help from his aunt but I'm sure he would have done it on his own eventually.

Here's the video I got of it today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-vt2LxCA3k&context=C373cf93ADOEgsToPDskINVEq23aXKOd6L5WX4EkHJ

I think the next milestone will be him discovering that his feet are actually his and will do his bidding, haha! He's taken to staring at them for a few minutes each day. He seems pretty fascinated in them.

I would like to add more videos and I have plenty to put up but a lot are either on my phone or on the video camera. My phone is only able (supposedly but I have yet to get it to do right) download things from the computer to the phone, not from the phone to the computer. In order to get the videos off the phone I'd have to send them to my mom or brother-in-law because they have iPhones and can e-mail me the videos. As for the video camera ones, I have to wait for my middle sister to put the videos on a disc and then I can rip the stuff off the disc onto my computer and then upload to the internet.

The videos I have on YouTube are ones taken with my mom's computer, which has a built in webcam (my webcam's mic won't work properly for some reason). Here's the other YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jayJCeyXm0&context=C3be67c3ADOEgsToPDskLlsZ9-Htld1-R_Ft0W1D-Y

I hope to have more videos to put up soon.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Month Shots

January 30, 2011 William had his two month appointment. He is now 14lbs 14oz and 22in long. They say he is above average for weight gain and below average for growth. All that matters to me is that he is healthy.

The nurse went through the normal deal, asking me questions and such about William's feeding, sleeping, etc. When she got to his bowel movements I asked her about the fact that it can take him a while once he starts trying to pass gas or go poo and he strains and yet he doesn't have solid stools. She seemed to think that meant something but she never said. When the doctor asked about that and I told him, he did the same thing. I'm a bit peeved. I'd like to make things easier for my baby because it wakes him up often.

The doctor had to pull some of his skin back on William's penis. William did very well with that and any time he cried out the doctor stopped. Luckiy the cries were because of boredom, not pain. And though I continue to pull the skin back myself (though not as much as the doctor did because it's not something a regular person should do) I fear the skin has just gone right back. The doctor didn't even get it all so he said we'll work on it again at the next appointment.

Then came the shots. I wasn't as emotional as I thought I'd be. That was good because the poor little man cried hard. I nursed him when it was done and he fell asleep. The rest of that day he did fine. It wasn't until 3:30am that he began feeling bad.

So Tuesday wasn't a fun day for my baby. I let him nurse whenever he wanted and just catered to him. By Wednesday he was good again and today he's even better! That's all over with now and I'm not going to think about the next appointment until I get the reminder in the mail.