Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nurse Midwife and Ultrasound!

Today I had an appointment to meet with a nurse midwife. I did this because the birthing center wants me to have someone I know who can deliver the baby at the hospital should I turn into a high risk pregnancy.

I really like this guy, too. He was very nice and polite and chatted with me, he wasn't overly one thing or the other. Just normal seeming. Too bad he can't work at the birthing center, haha!

Well I got to have an ultrasound as well! I was really excited about that! The baby is just way too cute and I'm even more impatient for November to get here. I took pictures of the ultrasound pictures so here they are:

The one picture with the arrow is just the guy taking a guess. He asked me if I wanted him to guess and I said sure and he looked and said he figured it could be a boy. It's fun to think it really could be, but I'm not thinking it's one or the other right now. I won't do that until I'm told for sure. My sister, Katie, says that's how it was with her daughter. They guessed it could be a boy because of the little protrusion and then later when the baby was further along they found it was a girl.

So it could still be a girl. Either way I'm happy! ^_^

I also got a video and am trying to figure out how to get it on my computer so I can share it. Until then, though, pictures will have to be enough.

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