Saturday, May 28, 2011

Today's Craving

My sister, Katie, had taken my niece, Maddie, to this pick your own fruit farm a few miles from where she lives. For $9.50 they got a gallon bucket to fill with strawberries. She sent a picture of Maddie picking some. They looked so delicious.

Then she sent me a picture of the full bucket sitting in the fridge in front of a Coca Cola bottle. That looked good, too! And then it hit me, soda and strawberries together! Yuuuum! I had to have it.

But it was a bit early to be going anywhere so I waited until 10am then texted my friend, Shannon, and asked if she wanted to go to the farmers market. She said yeah and I got read and left. At the farmers market I got an awesome elk hot dog that I have been waiting all winter to eat. Then got some fresh squeezed lemonade (the best way to have lemonade) and a lemon cream roll from my favorite stand called Honey Bakery. The woman is awesome and so are the baked goods she makes and sells. The cream rolls are waffle cone things rolled into a tube and filled with homemade cream and flavored with whatever. She's got chocolate, lemon, vanilla, cappuccino, and peanut butter. I'm a lemon fan (I love tart and sweet things like sour green apple) so I always get those. They're just $2.

I decided to head home after the market because I didn't have anything else to really do. Shannon invited me to this car show, but I passed on it. I knew my feet would start killing me soon and as nice as cars are (and I'm sure there were some gorgeous ones there) I knew I'd be bored.

So I had to stop and get gas first so I just went to the grocery store and grabbed some strawberries and a 20oz bottle of Pepsi (because Coke doesn't seem as good right now for some weird reason), then got gas and headed home.

The strawberries are incredibly delicious. So sweet and flavorful and with the soda, it's heaven!

One thing about my cravings is that I love the fact that when I want something sweet, my body tells me fruit. The only exception was the snoballs but that was all thanks to a picture of this roll cake I saw. The soda has nothing to do with sugar, it's the flavor and the fizz I want.

So I've craved pineapple, strawberries, mangoes, peaches, and watermelon. Right now watermelon is the big thing. They're everywhere and last night I got some amazingly delicious watermelon. Normally I'm alright with watermelon but I don't prefer it cause even when it's sweet and just at the correct ripeness, there's too much water for me to deal with and the pulp can get gritty. But right now I'd love some!

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