Saturday, August 27, 2011

Random #2

Earlier today I'm just sitting here at the computer when all the sudden it feels like baby's having a seizure or something in there. Just flailing around like mad and then suddenly stopping. It always scares me when the baby does that. Makes me want to poke it and yell at it for scaring me haha!

Course, nothing's wrong, little one just felt like flipping out.

Also, baby's getting closer and closer to my ribs on my right side. Only mere inches away now. Last night I felt it moving around up there and so I pushed on it a bit and it triggered a pain lower down where it's head was. I wasn't even pushing very hard. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random #1

I keep forgetting to post stuff on here. It's usually because I feel more like this should be for big things and not just small stuff that happens here and there. A Twitter feed would be more appropriate for small things, but I absolutely refuse to get a Twitter account.

So first random thing is I got up around 10:50am because my stomach was growling. If I wasn't pregnant, I would have ignored it and gone back to sleep. Buuuut since I gotta feed the little one I got up and went into the kitchen in search of food.

Only thing I could think to eat was an orange. I've had orange juice so baby has had that before, but I wondered if there might be anything different if I had the actual orange.

Sitting on the bed, watching Teen Mom and eating an orange and baby goes wild. Little one really enjoyed it, haha! I hate it when baby goes for days not being very active and that's what's been going on recently. So feeling it move a bunch was nice. And right now baby has decided to push up against the laptop. Baby loves it when I type a bunch. My typing always get it to moving around a lot.

Oh, and I'm seriously thinking about getting some Taco Bell. It just sounds so good for some reason. I haven't had it since March. I got it then and it sat on my stomach for over 5 hours not digesting. It sucked. I felt cranky and super tired until I finally got mad enough to go and force myself to vomit. Seriously, it was like my stomach had just stopped digesting stuff. Afterwards I felt great and wasn't tired anymore. Oh and I really loathe throwing up and will only do it if I'm nauseous enough to where I can't help it or if something I ate is not sitting right with me and refuses to let up or digest. It's a last resort thing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Might Be Alone

I just found out that my best friend is going to be here on November 9th. This really bites because she told me she was going to be here in late October.

She promised me she was going to be at the birth of my kid. With the way baby measured at the last ultrasound, it could be born before she gets here.

If that happens the most likely, during the worst part of the delivery, it'll just be me and the midwives in the birthing room. My mom can't stay in the room the entire time or else she'll faint. She can't handle seeing people in pain.

And I hear that with how things are with a woman's body and all during delivery, I won't exactly notice what's going on around me, but still, the though of it just being me for the most part makes me incredibly sad.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Pregnancy So Far

On March 3, 2011 I got my positive

On April 6, 2011 I had my first ultrasound at around 10 weeks

On May 11, 2011 I had my second ultrasound at my first appointment with my nurse midwife around 14 weeks 

At 20 weeks and 1 day I took the first (technically second) belly shot

And continued this each week (though I missed the 24th and 25th weeks)

21w 1d

22w 2d

23w 4d

26w 1d

I've certainly come a long way in just 6 weeks