Monday, May 23, 2011

Gender Ultrasound

Almost forgot and I figured I'd make a new post about it.

Most places don't do gender scans until 20 weeks cause they say that's the best time. But the earliest possible to see the gender and know for sure is 16w. I am 16w today. I called around to see if I can get a scan in about two weeks cause I don't want to wait four weeks. But no one will do it. And one place won't even bother until 25w because for some moronic reason they only do 3D/4D gender scans. COMPLETELY STUPID!!!!

I'm super pissy about not being able to find out sooner. They say it's so they don't waste my time and money but I get 10 stamps from the insurance place each month to use and I only use one stamp each month. So I don't care if I have to go and get another scan a week or two later if the first one didn't show anything.

I just want to know the sex of my baby! I've done a few little gender prediction tests for fun since I can't do much else right now.

The Chinese one says boy but there's one Chinese one that goes by the lunar calendar and the time zone of the mother's birth place and the time zone of the conception and also asks for the person to put in the date conceived. There are VERY  few people who know that. I know within like four days. It's somewhere between the 14th and 17th of February. I was showing symptoms halfway through the second week after my last period.

So I just go with the normal Chinese gender predictor thingies. So boy for that one. The ring test did nothing. That's a test where you put a ring on a chain and try and hold your arm as still as possible over your tummy and if the ring swings in a circular motion it's one sex and if it swings back and forth it's the other. So no luck there.

Did the baking soda test and nothing, which means girl. But I think it messed up. The baking soda just got covered up and didn't mix so I'll try again tomorrow morning. It requires pee, haha!

I haven't done the cabbage test because it requires a red cabbage and I don't have one and don't feel like spending the money on it.

I can't really use the myths for a boy or a girl because I'm pretty much half and half on those. I got a few pimples but that was from when I was using Teddy as a pillow. I had used him as a pillow for a while a few weeks before and there was a day I forgot to wash my hair so my hair oils are on his tummy and I've noticed it causes me to break out in a pimple or two. I'm too afraid to wash him since he's so old. He's still really sturdy but I just don't want to chance it. Without pimples, it means boy.

I do not crave protein. One of my aversions is to meet. Chicken and fish are the only kind I can eat, and even chicken is hard to get down sometimes. Fish is the only meat I can eat every time. So this would mean girl.

I crave more fruits, which is girl, but the more tart (more acid) the better, which suggests boy.

I can't figure if I'm carrying low or high because I'm not showing at all which also means I can't say my belly looks like a basketball or watermelon. So this is out.

I didn't have morning sickness so that says boy.

The heart rate has either been 150 or above, so that says girl.

So it just keep going back and forth. It's annoying! I want to know!

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