Friday, April 29, 2011

Pad Thai

So I got the noodles for Pad Thai and didn't realize they'd need so much time to soften. Thirty to forty-five minutes! Soaked them for 30 minutes and they were still pretty hard. So I soaked them a little longer. They were just a touch softer but I thought that was what the package meant when it said soft but firm.

Started to cook them and then figured that they needed to be softer so I cut the wok off and poured enough water in there to cover the noodles. Let it set for 10 minutes. After that they were still too hard. Another 15 minutes.

After that it was well after 8:30pm and I was getting frustrated so I just went ahead and began cooking them again. A lot of the ones that were still fairly hard softened up some, but the ones that had already softened became mushy.

When everything was cooked I put my serving in a bowl and poured lime juice on it and then sat in the TV room and took a few bites. I got a particularly mushy bit and just couldn't eat it anymore. The consistency was just awful! My stomach immediately began feeling queasy.

I might add that all I've eaten today are four pieces of toast made into cinnamon and sugar toast, a chicken strip, 4 or 5 pieces of sweet potato waffle fries, maybe 1 1/2 cookie, and a banana. It's annoying how few foods I can eat right now. Grr!

Oh and off topic of the post but I realized yesterday that when I lead forward while sitting it begins to hurt on my right side down there. Any pressure or pinching I feel is always on that side. It's also the side the midwife found the heart beat. So me and my mom figure I'm pushing on the baby and all when I sit forward and all. Kind of funny but is also annoying cause I sit forward a LOT.

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