Thursday, July 18, 2013


In the car at a coffee stand, sister getting a cup before we head to the lake:

William: Mommyyyyy!!!
Me: What, baby?
William: I love you!
First time he's said it! Obviously it wasn't that clear it was more like yuff you but yeah. Made me so incredibly happy!! Felt really good ^_^

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

He Ate!

I know I haven't posted in forever, just been so busy, but I'd like to try again to keep this thing updated as often as possible.

William used to be a great eater but over the past several months he's become very picky, refusing to eat foods he used to love. He's gaining weight like he should but I know that's from all the milk he gets at night. I've been trying everything I can think of to get him to eat but none of it seemed to be working.

Well last night I figured I'd try hard not to give him milk every time he wanted it. Somehow he ended up going to bed without a bottle, which amazed me, but I think he was just that tired since it was well after 9pm.

During the night he only had one 5oz bottle of milk and then he woke up at 8:20am. When I finally decided to get up I tried to find him something to eat. Asked if he wanted eggs, he told me no (he can say no, now). Asked if he wanted yogurt, he said no. Looked around some more and saw some English muffins and asked if he wanted those and he grabbed for the bag. Bread and fruit is about all I can ever get him to eat.

So I made him and English muffin with butter and jam and he actually ate all of it. Well he ate one half then wanted out of his chair so I let him since one half is way more than he's eaten in a good while. He took the other half and set it on the kiddy table and played for a bit then came back for it and ate it.

Really happy he finally ate something. Hoping I can continue it for the rest of the day and from now on.