Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Son

Yeah I'm still trying to eat better and all but I just haven't weighed myself in a while. Will post something about this next week.

But today I want to say that William said another word!!! Also, we think this sound he makes that sounds like it could be a slurring of "What's that?" really is, "What's that?" He usually makes that noise when pointing to something and then wants to inspect it. I blame the slurring of the words on me. I talk too fast -_-'

As for the word he said today, well it was Thomas. As in Thomas the train from that awesome show in the 90s (maybe late 80s, I'm not too sure). At Barnes and Noble he loves to play with the train set they have which has a bunch of the pieces to the Thomas set. Then at the Museum Without Walls (it's done by the Children's Museum and called Museum Without Walls because they don't have their own building so they just rent a space wherever they can each month and set up) he always goes back to the Thomas train set they have. My sister and I took him to a local toy store that has loads of really awesome toys. Like real toys that require some imagination to play with and are just so simple and fun. They had three tables set up, one of them with Thomas stuff on them so he played with that the whole time. I really wanted to buy him just Thomas but at first all I could find were pieces where it was a train and another car or a battery operated single piece, all of them $22. I did finally find a starter set with a simple oval track, railroad crossing sign, and Thomas and a musical caboose for $36 so I got that. Of course as we were leaving and I had to take the two trains from William's hands he threw a fit and I had to show him what I was getting him.

Opened it up in the car and he was very happy. He has been nearly inseparable from them. This morning he had the caboose in his hands and I was busy trying to use the bathroom and he was bugging me, handing me the box the set came in and making a noise that's a bit of a question. Pretty much he was asking me to open the box and take something out. I kept telling him there was nothing in it but he kept at it. Finally, when I was done, I figured maybe he wants Thomas since he's only got the caboose. So I told him I'd go get Thomas. When I handed it to him I said, "Here you go. Here's Thomas." To that he replied. "Tho-mas?" And I laughed very happily and said, "Yes! Thomas! You love Thomas, don't you?"

It was very clear. I'm still excited about it! So now he says his daycare worker's name, Thomas, What's That, and then he says two different forms of mama. One seems to have a very forced ah sound and the other seems to be more like muhmuh. The forced one is for me but he doesn't use it nearly enough for me to be completely sure, but he's starting to use it more and more. And the other pretty much means food. Any type of food he sees and wants he'll say muhmuh, including when it comes to see my boobs -_-' While he doesn't nurse anymore (all he does is sometimes does a quick suck and then that's it) he still knows they're meant for food and will pull at my shirt saying muhmuh? muhmuh? and try to pull one of my boobs out.

So he's coming along a lot better than I thought. His language development had me worried a bit because he just wasn't saying mama. But I think he was sometimes and I just didn't realize it. And he definitely knows things.

When I ask him if he's hungry or if he wants to eat he goes to his high chair. Still haven't gotten him to understand what bath means, though he loves them. It's so amazing watching him grow and learn. I really need to do more with him in terms of teaching him his numbers, letters, shapes, and colors, though. I feel like I'm seriously lacking in that. He does sometimes try to sign the alphabet with me when I sing it and sign, so there's something. But he sure is a smarty pants ^_^