Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quick Update and More

William is quite the handful. He's been climbing on things a lot lately and even moving stuff to tables and counters in order to climb on it to reach food. He drank out of a plain old cup without spilling anything (did that several times with the same drink), he can now sign "please" and even made a two word sentence with his signs saying, "More, please," when I asked him if he'd like more chips the other day. He's got all his teeth he's supposed to have in now (well maybe more so because they say that at 9 months a baby is only supposed to have two teeth but William had eight and now he has all four front teeth, all four eye teeth, and all four if his 1 year molars). And there's loads more but I should really be getting to bed since it's 2:45am.

First, though, I want to say I'm hijacking this blog for my weight loss stuff. I've needed to lose weight for a few years now and keep getting sidetracked with delicious food or crazy men. It's January and this is the month I started in when I began my first ever successful weight loss. I was 16 years old, 193lbs, and a size 18. Right now I'm 25 years old, 224lbs, and a size 18 (and no that's not a lie or vanity sizing, I have jeans from when I was 16 before I lost the weight and after being washed they fit perfectly, I'm more muscular than the average woman). Pre-pregnancy I was 230lbs. By the time I was due to be induced I was 253lbs. When I finally went back to work when William was 5 months I was 205lbs (weight gain from going from a house that has money to buy the good food and more of a schedule so meals were prepared daily to a place where I'm broke half the time and thanks to work and school and William I barely have time to do anything else). When I was 16 and lost weight I went from the weight and size I mentioned above to 142lbs and a size 9. A size 9 is considered on the bigger size of skinny. For me it was perfect. As soon as I reached that weight I stopped all the good things I was doing like eating right and exercising. Luckily my portion control was doing well and the only reason I gained anything back was because of depression eating.

So I've done it before, I know what I need to do, but now I just need to do it. I also saw someone else's blog with a weight loss challenge and part of it was to adopt two good habits. I'm thinking for me, this is going to be getting to bed at a decent hour and moisturizing my face at least every night but I will do it in the morning if I have time. My mom says it looks like I have rosacea and part of that is dry skin that won't sluff off like it's supposed to so I have rough patches on my face and I found with daily moisturizing (putting a good layer of cream on and leaving it there for 30 minutes) it helps a lot and I have baby soft skin ^_^

I will post tomorrow what my weight is (I'm thinking it's going to be more than 224lbs, that's just what I remember from when I weighed myself the week before this past one). I'll also take measurements. I'll even keep a food diary. I'm planning on going on a diabetic diet of sorts. Pretty much just using the guidelines from my gestational diabetes diet but with less calories (though I'm not really going to be counting them, just eating right and portion control because that's all you really need along with exercise).

Anyways that's all until tomorrow morning.

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