Sunday, January 6, 2013

William and My Weight

Some more on the update front about my lovely little man. He's been feeding himself for several months now but only last month did he decide he wanted to feed himself with a utensil. He's does pretty well for his age, I suppose, not really sure what's considered doing well and doing poorly. He does make quite a bit of mess, but that's to be expected. It's also nice to see him beginning to eat some meat. I was at a loss as to what to give him that would give him protein for a good while since he's now getting cow's milk and hasn't had a bottle of breastmilk for about a week now. Then my mom reminded me about Greek yogurt and I remembered that it was a great source of protein when I was on my gestational diabetes diet so I bought a big container of it and he loves that. I won't push meat on him until he's good any ready but I do offer it to him.

He's eaten an egg but it's hard to get him to eat it again. He won't even try it but I know he likes it. He ate the one because my sister managed to pop a tiny piece in his mouth when he had it open, laughing. But after that one egg he still won't eat it right away. Yesterday we let him try a piece of hamburger from McDonald's. I really don't care to give him fast food but I must admit I have given him fries from time to time because I am bad and have fast food myself. If you've ever had kids you know how they are, they want what you're eating so it was either give him a fry or drive myself insane with his whining and screaming. Believe me it's not something I'm going to give in to all of the time. But it shouldn't be so bad since I'm trying to change my eating habits. No fast food, no soda for starters. I'm happy to say that he has NEVER had soda. I grew up on the stuff and I'd much rather him have french fries from McDonald's or Wendy's than soda. Well other than that the only meat he really eats is chicken nuggets. He's had some from a local restaurant here and I make homemade ones that I much prefer over any fast food or restaurant ones. Oddly enough, though, he won't touch chicken if you hand him some from a breast, just chunks in chicken nugget form.

But he's a pretty good eater other than meat. Oh! Beans. That's the form of protein I was giving him before I remembered yogurt. He loooves beans because he can feed himself with his fingers and he probably likes the taste, haha.

Well, on to my first weight loss post.

I checked my weight this morning on an empty stomach. 222.8lbs, which means I've lost two pounds in the last week, yay! I did start controlling my portions some and since I'm broke and finally got my food stamps done up I've been making it a point to cook dinner. Since I'm not working and still on Christmas break from school I have the time. Course, school starts on the 17th so I'm planning on putting together some crock pot meals and make-ahead freezer meals so on days I go to school I can easily get something done.

Anyways, I haven't measured myself yet, I'll do that tonight when I make my food diary post. Oh and I have a nifty scale that calculates body fat percentage, too. Sad, and embarrassing, to say that I am 4% away from being half fat but the good thing about it is that I am 4% below being half fat!! Yay! I was scared I'd be over 50%. I don't know what's a good percentage of fat for a woman so I'm not really going to look at that except to help me out when I feel like I haven't lost enough by seeing if I lost fat and gained muscle.

So the big goal is to be at least 140lbs by September. September is the month I realized I was actually thin back when I was 16 and losing weight the first time. I mean I saw the scale and all but I rarely bought any clothes and never much paid attention to the size during that period until my mom took me shopping for all new outfits. Really I don't even care about the weight. I care about the size. I mean I'm the same size I was at 193lbs but I'm 222lbs, so you see it's stupid to focus on weight, instead focus on your pant size.

So 140lbs and a size 9 is what I want to be. I'm tempted to go a little further and see how I look as a size 6 but we'll see about that when I reach my goal of a size 9. I loved the way I looked as a 9 because I was thin but I was soft. I had fat in all the right places and I looked healthy, I wasn't even self-conscious about the way I looked even though I still had a bit of a belly roll because I wasn't toned. But I'll be working on toning throughout this time because the pregnancy stretched out my stomach and the water weight made my arms balloon and they haven't exactly recovered.

But that's just my long-term goal. I'm going to set short term goals as well. Monthly I'd like to lose between 10-15lbs and weekly around 2-3lbs. Those are safe. I don't know anything about losing inches so while I'll keep track of that either every week or every month it's not something that I'm going to say, "I want to lose this many inches in this amount of time."

And with that, day one is begun.

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