Monday, January 14, 2013

Weight and William

I think I could stand to get some William posts in here if I'm going to post often about my weight loss stuff.

The little man woke up good and happy this morning. I always try to get in there to get him out of his crib when he's happy but I don't always make it in time. I wish he understood about calling for me. I'm not even sure he really understands that mama is me. My sister thinks he does but that's because when he wants to eat something or drink something but it's closed up he brings it to me saying what sounds like mama, but I think it's actually mum-mum, which is a rice cracker thing. He has yet to actually call me mama and it makes me a bit sad. He can say his daycare worker's name just fine. If I had him call me by my actual name then he'd be able to call me because apparently the Z on the woman's name is supposed to be pronounced like an S so it comes out sounding like Sarah and that was his first word, his daycare worker's name -_-'

I sometimes worry about his language skills. He hears just fine but really, he can only say his daycare worker's name, mum-mum, and the other day I got him to saying pop. He's a boy of few words. He doesn't babble a lot either. He's a pretty quiet little thing when it comes to talking but he does squeal a lot and will scream at things when hes angry. If he wants something he usually just points at it. I know he understands things, though. I ask him if he wants to eat, making the sign for it as well, and if he does, he'll nod and go to his high chair. I ask him if he wants some of my water, making the sign for it, he'll nod and hold his hands out so he can hold the glass with me. He knows what a light is, I've got him knowing what his head is by singing the head, shoulders, knees, and toes song. He's a bright boy but just doesn't want to speak. I keep wondering if it's something to do with me. I speak fairly fast and I always worried that my children would have a hard time speaking because of that. I've begun reading aloud to him again, not trying to make him sit down with me, just let him play and all. The point to it being that I read slowly and carefully and he at least hears words as they're supposed to sound and at the speed they're supposed to be produced. Heh, when I say slowly, I mean slow for me. It's hard for me to slow down because I feel like I'm speaking in slow motion and it's irritating, but when I sing or read aloud so people can understand me, it comes out at a more normal pace, which, for me, is slow.

I know some children just don't want to speak much. The doula I had told me her son was like that. He could communicate just fine and he used signs when it was more difficult to show what he wanted but he did eventually get over than and begin speaking, though he still doesn't say much. I hope that's what's going on with William.

Other than that, today he was all right before his nap. Afterwards he was a bit cranky and by 5:30pm he was really working on my last nerve. At 6:30 I stuck him in the bath for the second time today and he was very happy about that. Just before he was being incredibly whiny and getting irritated with everything. After the bath he sat with me on the couch for a bit and then I put his pjs on and he was just so tired that when I accidentally knocked him over when trying to get into the kitchen he just started crying. So I didn't bother warming his milk. Just handed it to him and took him to bed. He was out in minutes. I wonder if he's having a growth spurt because he's been like that the past few days. He's just so tired that he doesn't try to stay away in his crib, he just passes right out.

Well onto weight loss stuff.

-Bowl of dry coco pebbles cereal


-2 Servings of beans with onions and cheese
-2 biscuits (one with butter, one with jam)
-glass of milk

I wasn't really hungry today. I did snack on some things like a few animal crackers with some peanut butter, some grapes, a tangerine, two pieces of french bread. And I had two glasses of water. Oh and a few skittles and a small piece of chocolate.

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