Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day...I Don't Even Know

Yeah I forgot when I started this, haha. Oh well. One thing I saw today was a paper with some measurements from a few years ago. I'm not sure how long ago but it was either 2008 or later or it could have been 2004 or earlier. But pretty much I'm the same exact size now as I was when I took those measurements. One difference was my calves, I've lost a whole inch on them. That's good, haha.

Well here's today's menu:

-Half a serving of leftover beans with some onions and cheese
-Glass of water
-Bowl of froot loops

-Whatever I snacked on. Some of it included some banana, a tangerine, some chips, some candy here and there. I wasn't very hungry today again.

-Salmon (the good stuff. My sister and her husband caught this stuff a year or two ago)
-Broccoli with a little bit of cheese
-Glass of sweet tea

-Two homemade crepes, one with nutella and half a banana cut up on it, the other with nutella and some strawberries sliced up on it

I really need to actually eat food and stop snacking on whatever, even if it is just tiny bits. Seriously, the candy was very little. I don't know why I haven't been hungry lately. Maybe it's because I know I don't have much left on my food stamps and there's not much here but ramen, bisquick, bread, and peanut butter and jelly. William has food enough for him, though. I try not to eat the stuff I've bought for him, though I have been eating his tangerines because they seem to go bad real fast, same with the bananas. Going to grab some stuff with WIC checks tomorrow, though, not that it'll give me much of anything I can give my son except milk. I don't understand why I got 6 gallons of milk a month and he only gets about 3. He goes through them so fast and I don't give him any milk during the day except for one bottle at nap time. I've tried giving him milk in a sippy cup for the morning but he won't have anything to do with it and it just gets wasted. At night he gets a bottle for bed and he only wakes up about twice at most if he does at all so that's only two extra bottles. I give him 5oz each time, which is what I've always given him for milk, even breastmilk (no, he does not go hungry, the little porker is in perfect proportion for his height). Lately I've been giving him around 8oz for bedtime so he doesn't wake up so early for the first middle of the night waking he sometimes has.

Haha well, anyway, I think food went a bit better today. I really loved how healthy dinner was and I didn't get tons of rice. A little more than the 1/3 cup I should eat but not by much. I really need to try and have dinner like that every night. I'm thinking tomorrow will be a delicious baked chicken breast with a salad and something starchy, maybe corn or a spoonful of the leftover beans.

Well we'll see. On Monday I will weigh myself and post it here. I'm going to start trying to get some exercise in. I asked a friend of mine if she'd like to do the belly dancing DVD with me after school on Tues and Thurs and sometimes in the morning the other three days during the week. I actually meant to go do that today but completely forgot, though I will say that lugging boxes around and up and down stairs was a workout. It also made me realize how weak my stomach muscles have gotten. They've always been my strongest muscles but I guess I just allowed myself to relax too much while pregnant so my lower back was killing me after doing all the mess with these piddly boxes.

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