Monday, January 14, 2013

Hmm...(weight loss stuff)

I just checked my weight, curious, and it says that I've lost 2lbs but have gained 1% body fat. Have I somehow lost muscle mass in less than a week? I don't see how I could have. Oh well, the body fat percentage is more of an interesting thing to look at. As long as I get rid of the excess and have what's left in the right places, I don't care what percentage I have.

I don't remember which day was the last time I updated here so I'm not going to bother trying to remember everything I've eaten those days. I'll just put up what I've eaten today and I'll stop being lazy and just take my stupid measurements.

-Homemade personal pepperoni pizza (yeah, I know, pizza for breakfast but I was at a lost for what to make and I had leftover sauce I made the day before)
-Glass of sweet tea

-Whatever I managed to snack on throughout the day. The pizza filled me up quite a bit. I know I had a tangerine, a few grapes, and a few animal crackers with, yes, I'll admit, a little bit of cake frosting haha.

-1 philly cheesesteak stuffed red pepper with some sweet bbq sauce
-A few potato chips
-A glass of water

The stuffed red pepper was only half of one with a slice of swiss cheese in the bottom (next time I make these it'll be provolone) and sauteed onions and mushrooms with some strips of roast beef I got sliced at the deli all heated up with some butter and minced garlic. It's good but I'll add some salt the next time, it was kind of bland. Aside from the potato chips it was a nice, low-carb meal. I could have eaten more but I wasn't interested in eating more than I did. Overall I didn't eat much today, just wasn't hungry.

I'm going to juice some but I don't think I'll do the juice fast anymore. I don't have a lot left in my food stamps to go buying so many expensive fruits and veggies. Can't believe it went so fast and the month is only half over. I have to be careful with how I spend the rest. At least my student loans should be here by the end of this week so I don't have to worry about that anymore.

One thing I really need to do is exercise but I just don't want to do any at home, not with the new neighbors downstairs. I could go to my university's gym but I'd really rather not go alone. If only I didn't live in stupid Alaska I could have a friend go on a walk with me. Blah. I REALLY want to get rid of the weight. I know my cholesterol must be ridiculously high and my poor pancreas is probably getting exhausted. I need to do this, get healthy, and change my lifestyle. I need to stop being so sedentary or else I'm doomed to have diabetes and heart problems when I get older like the rest of my relatives seem to have. I have to do this!

Oh! Back when I was 16 and dating the one guy I was with for years, I used to complain about eating right or exercising sometimes. He'd look at me and say, "Just go do it. Don't think about it, just do it." I tell you what, Nike really had something there. That was how I got myself up off the couch on days I just didn't feel like doing the belly dancing I decided to do for PE. I knew that once I started it, I'd not stop until I was done with everything (like the 200 sit-ups, 12 push-ups, and stretches I did after the DVD ended). But now, that slogan isn't cutting it for me. I had school and a boyfriend to do this stuff for. Yeah, doing it for myself should be more of a motivator, but it's not. I've had years to become comfortable with being overweight, I much prefer to sit still and watch or read something. Of course, as a real little child I was the complete opposite.

But I did see something on Pinterest that pops into my head whenever I really badly want a soda or something. It's something like, "Don't give up what you've always wanted for something you want at the moment." That phrase kept me from grabbing a Coke at my mom's yesterday though I really, really wanted one. I can have a soda when I've lost several pounds.

Anyways, on to the measurements:

Bust: 47 1/2in
Underbust: 40 1/2in (haha according to most bra size chats I'd be about a 48 G lofl! I wear a C cup actually)
Arms: 16in
Waist: 38in
Stomach: 45 1/2in
Hips: 50in
Thighs (thickest part): 29 1/2 (scary, they're almost as big around as my waist O_O)
Calves: 16 1/2in

So there you have it, the measurements. I remember my calves being 12in after losing weight years ago.

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