Thursday, December 20, 2012

He's Getting Older

Why does our little ones growing up have to be both amazing and sad? It's not fair. With each passing day I see William getting older. The way he moves, the noises he makes, his personality is just exploding. He's started asking for milk again, using the sign for it. He stopped for a while and while in the car today he made the sign for it. Oh and he decided to give me TWO kisses today. I seriously has tears in my eyes because he NEVER gives me kisses. And his teeth I believe have all finally broken through enough and have stopped paining him. Today and yesterday he only had maybe three tantrums whereas for the past month he's been having these little meltdowns more than ten times a day and I just wanted to scream and pull my hair out.

So eight teeth have all come above the gum line. With luck I shouldn't have to deal with teething again for about another 10 months when his two year molars come in. Oh and today he decided he really wanted to try his hand at eating with a fork and spoon. And he accidentally whistled and tried to do it again but couldn't. And he's getting the hang of calling me mama but right now it only seems to be when he needs my help. Like when he kept putting his mango slice in the cab of his toy bulldozer and couldn't get it out. *sigh* I miss my baby but I do so love the little man he's becoming and it's so great seeing him discover new things and hone his skills.

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