Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hum De Dum

Baby brain made me totally forget that DVD+Rs and whatnot are capable of having the stuff ripped from them easily without a program, so I managed to pull the May 11th ultrasound from the disc and put it on my computer.

Only problem is that I have to find a site that will upload it. Photobucket doesn't recognize the file type so I can't even chose it from the list and I'm not compute savvy enough to know how to change the file type so it will register.

Facebook recognizes it, though. So I'm uploading it there, it's going to take over 2 hours. -_-' But my page is set to completely private so you have to be a friend to see and I don't friend just anyone. I have to know the person requesting the add.

Once I find an upload site, I will get things done and put the link here.

And I'm beginning to think I may not post what the gender of my baby is, once I find out. I don't really want to make this blog private so it means should FOB somehow feel so inclined and search for stuff by me on the net, this could come up somewhere.

I had a scare with him today. I got a random text saying, "Hi," but it was just a phone number displayed as the sender and it looked familiar, but I couldn't remember. I no long try to remember phone numbers unless they're super important ones. I could have swore I kept FOB's number in my contacts list so just in case he decided to call or text, I would see it's him and could avoid it. But when I checked after getting the text, I found I had deleted it. *headdesk* Can't believe I didn't keep it.

The number made me think of him so it very well could have been, but I'm just not sure. I texted back, "Who's this?" but never received a response. Thank goodness. But now I will never forget to pray that he be kept away from me. I've been forgetting to do that.

He's not the worst guy in the world but I just don't approve of him as father material (or boyfriend material or husband) and he makes my life miserable what with the way he blows things out of proportion and creates all sorts of unnecessary drama. Aside from work-related stress (which I can handle), my life has been so nicely stress-free. I want to keep it that way. Here's to hoping God doesn't see a need for him to be in mine or my baby's life, ever.

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