Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Position

I get up today and find that my baby has moved to the left side. It has been on my right the entire pregnancy so far. It has been trying to move around more and it's finally done it! lol! Let's see if the kicks are in a bit different place from now on.

I'm thinking that it moving to the other side is the reason why I had to pee so freaking much in the night. In a five hour period I got up to go at least 3 times. I think there was a fourth in there but I can't quite remember. I haven't had to pee so much since near the beginning.

Oh and I forgot to post the picture of my little belly. I got one taken today (21w1d) but I have to wait for my sister to send it to my e-mail before I can post it. So here's the one from a week ago:

You can see some red area up towards my shirt. That's pregnancy discoloration. It hasn't changed shape, gotten smaller or bigger, it isn't itchy or dry or raised. It's just there. I've had it for a few months now. It's interesting. I also have one tiny spot under my arm and that's it.

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