Thursday, June 9, 2011


Found out the gender! Unfortunately I cannot post it here. I'm sorry to anyone who reads this and wants to know. I absolutely cannot have FOB in my life. At least not yet. I'm praying that I won't have to worry about it for several years. I would like my child to know their siblings, er, at least their brother since I doubt there will be a way for my kid to see its sister until my kid 18 most likely, but that'll have to go on hold for a while. I'll be debating on whether to tell my kid they have siblings as they grow up or wait until they're a good deal older.

I'm enjoying the sheer joy of finally being able to use a gender specific pronoun. I even went out and bought the first outfit! It's so cute! I'll be buying the coming home outfit maybe tomorrow (technically later today since it's 3am just about). Gotta get something warm since it'll be pretty cold and snowy when baby is born.

The only thing I dread is the fact that I can hide the gender now, but not once the baby is born. This town is so small and I know a few people whom I could run into who would be able to tell FOB the gender. The less FOB knows about the baby, the less...attached he'll feel.

I want to delay FOB finding out for as long as possible. I would love to move to where my middle sister lives since it'll be easier to hide and FOB is too lazy to try hard enough to see the kid that he'd go all the way down there for just that purpose. But I need the help my mom can offer, at least in the beginning. I still have time to figure things out, though.

Wish me luck! ^_^

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