Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This morning when I got up I went to pee and when I wiped, there was some blood in the normal discharge. Just enough to stain it a pink color. Wasn't really worried, more like, what the heck?

Must've gone pee like 4 more times before my nap and didn't have anything else. I figured it was just a one time thing because I'd even gone to the store for food and to Blockbuster. The only thing all the walking around did was trigger the pain in my hip. I've been having pain in the left side of my hip from last week sometime when I did the dishes. I guess I bent over wrong to get stuff out/put stuff in the bottom rack of the dishwasher and since then it's been hurting after doing a bit of walking.

It's really beginning to hurt right now. I want to take a tylenol but I don't want to rely on them. I also don't want to take a tylenol just in case I should start cramping. If I do then I might not know it if I've got pain reliever in my system.

Well anyways, when I got up from my nap I had a little bit of blood again. Same amount as before, just enough to stain the discharge. Went pee about two more times and about two hours ago I went pee and this time there had been enough blood to come out of my vagina and was between my lips down there. It was pink but definitely a lot more blood than just enough to stain a dime size amount of discharge.

So I called the birthing center, knowing I'd get the answering service. She did try to put me through to one of the midwives but only one was on call tonight and she was busy. So I waited. About 20 minutes later the midwife called me back.

I told her what had happened and she said it'd be a good idea to go into the birthing center tomorrow. I'm to meet her there at 9am. She will give me the Rhogam shot now instead of waiting since I am B- and bleeding. And she said that as soon as she gets in tomorrow she'll call the ultrasound clinic and have them call me to set up an appointment that day so they can check see if it might be caused by a low lying placenta or if they can see if something else is going on.

She did ask if they'd said anything about a low lying placenta at my last ultrasound and I told her no. I saw the placenta myself. It's been at the top of my uterus for a while now. It's directly above my baby. My baby is in a sitting position like one would be in a chair, its head pointing up. Its always been on my right side but in the middle of the night last night it finally managed to change positions and is not on my left side, so all the kicks are now to the right.

I'm not really worried since the baby is still moving around and I can feel it, but bleeding can lead to problems so they have to be checked and if bad enough, monitored.The midwife said if it gets worse tonight to just go ahead into the ER. So worse means the blood increases or I start cramping. As I've been typing this, the pain in my hip has been radiating to the side so I can feel it on my right side now and has been radiating forward on my left side.

What could happen is that somehow I end up with a low lying placenta and I'll have to have some bed rest. I couldn't be put on total bed rest because I'd need to be able to get up and get me food and all. And the worst thing that could happen is I end up with placenta previa. That means the placenta is around my cervix. There are three types of it, one where it's right next to the cervix but not covering it, one where it's partially covering it, and one where it's completely covering it.

Placenta previa can fix itself but it has to be monitored. If it doesn't fix itself it can be fatal to both the mother and child under certain circumstances. It can mean that the doctors will find it necessary to deliver the baby via c-section before full term. They like to wait until 36 weeks at least but sometimes they have to do it even earlier. The youngest baby known to survive was born at 25 weeks. I am 21 weeks. It's said that at 20 weeks the baby has a chance of survival outside the womb but it's a very small one.

So hopefully it's not a low lying placenta (which can turn into placenta previa) and is just a blood vessel in the cervix, which is something else the midwife mentioned. We'll see, though. Hopefully all is well or, at least, turns out well.

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