Saturday, June 4, 2011


No I'm not moving. Baby is, haha!

Posting this real quick before I go to bed. For about 30-40 minutes, up until about 5 minutes ago, the baby was just moving around in there. I could feel it rolling and whatnot. Then, around 5 minutes ago, I feel like 6 kicks and now the baby-er just felt another XD Anyways baby has seemed to calm down down. Which is good, I don't want to be kept up by it lol. Haha another kick. I wonder what's got it moving so much.

They say the stuff you eat can set it off, like if it's really sugary. I'm wondering if maybe the two snoballs I ate had made it there lol. Somewhere close to an hour ago I had a green apple and some cheese. I've been drinking either milk or water since around 9pm. So I don't know.

But now I am finally going to bed. Just wanted to share.

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