Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I haven't eaten for about 3 hours and I'm starting to get hungry. It's so hard to figure out what to eat and even harder when it feels like there's nothing really to make. Being overweight and pregnant I want to try and eat as healthy as I can, restricting junk food to a minimum so I don't have to worry about gestational diabetes, but it's difficult when it's so easy to just run out to a fast food place and grab something.
I wish I could figure out all these meals I'd like to eat for a week and get the stuff. But I'm pretty crazy when it comes to having to actually want to eat it that day. So I could do all that but then it would most likely end up that I don't want to eat any of it during the week it was gotten for. 
I feel like I'm depriving my baby of its nutrition, even though I take all my vitamins everyday. Yesterday I realized I'd only had two meals. I ate a bowl of dry mini wheats around 10am and didn't eat again until about 3pm and that was Burger King. I got the chicken fries meal but something was wrong with me and it was all I could do to eat all the fries and I only ate 6 of the 9 chicken fries. I mean, it's not bad to not eat all of a meal, especially if it's fast food, but still. I want to make sure I'm eating at least well in the sense that my baby is getting food, even if it's not particularly healthy. 
I should sit down with my mom and see about me and her planning out the meals for the next two weeks. If I have some help in thinking of what to eat, it'll be easier. And if there's a meal planned, I will gladly cook it if my mom would like it ready soon after she gets home. I just don't like cooking when I have to think of what to make. It gets frustrating.
Haha and the writer in me is cringing over the fact that pretty much all the paragraphs in this post begin with, "I".

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