Monday, May 21, 2012

Toy Bucket

I'll make an update post later but as for right now here's something I just posted to Facebook:

William loves his toy bucket. Every morning I lay him on the floor and change his diaper near the bucket and when I'm done he rolls over and immediately grabs it and pulls it over, dumping out all his toys. Today, however, instead of playing with the toys, he's playing with the bucket! Chasing it all over the living room. It rolled onto the kitchen floor a bit go and he laid at the edge of the living room where carpet meets linoleum and stared at his bucket. He kept running his hand over the linoleum so I got up and set his bucket back on the carpet, but far enough away that he'd have to go after it. Hehe.
 He can't crawl yet but he can sure scoot around. If he really wants something he's pretty fast with his sort of army crawl.

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