Thursday, May 31, 2012


No that's not a typo in the title. I mean, moo. Apparently William really does not like the noise I make when imitating a cow.

I was reading this plush book to him and it has different animals in it. A duck, cow, lion, pig, and a giraffe. After going through it once I decided to go back through and make the noises for the ones that make a noise. He loved the quack since it's a noise I've made to him for months, he always laughs at it. The oinks had him laughing as well. The roar he didn't have any opinion of, but the moo he was none too happy about.

I didn't say, "Moooo." I came as close as I could to making the actual noise, which is something more like miiiir only the r is a lot softer. His eyes started tearing up and turning red around the rim and his mouth twisted into this pitiful O as he started to cry. I stopped and had to hug him close but of course I was laughing. Why the heck is he scared of that?

He's got this cow toy that makes the same noise. You push its nose and it vibrates and moos or vibrates, laughs, then starts playing music. He loves that toy. You think I need to vibrate as I moo at him?

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