Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aaaand He's Off!

Pasting from Facebook as I have only one hand free at the moment:

William crawled!!!!! I was making blueberry coconut protein smoothie in the kitchen and he was playing at the edge of the carpet and I heard him slap the kitchen floor. So I turned and smiled at him then I asked if he was coming to get me. I saw his paci under the couch so I went and picked it up, then stood a few feet away from William and held the pacifier out to him and told him to come get me. He put his hand out and down, then brought a knee forward, then the other hand and the other knee. He did it until he got to me and grabbed his pacifier!!! He finally crawled!!! After about a month of him wobbling around and scooting everywhere he knows how to crawl ^_^

No offense to the woman with her 8-month-old I cashed out at JoAnns the other week but William beat her son by just over a month! :P
 So I know that babies develop at different rates but when I mentioned how long it was taking William to crawl she flapped her hand at me and said, "Yeah he won't crawl for a while now, mine didn't at 6 months."

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