Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kisses and Bouncing

I'll eventually get to the update haha. As for now, though, yesterday was a very cute day for William. First, I put him in his jumper in hopes of wearing him out more before his nap. It worked wonders! I happened to look over at one point and saw his head loll to the side and his eyes go back into his head as he began to pass out. He jerked back awake then bounced some and began to pass out again. It was too cute! So I got up and pulled him from it and as soon as he was in my arms he was out. Put him on the bed and he did wake up  few times but went right back to sleep. He barely moves when sleeping so putting him on the far side of the bed near the corner is okay, especially since my bed is a king size.

After his nap my sister came over while our landlord's husband was about to put an exhaust fan in above her stove. She decided to help sort out William's clothes so we could figure out what to keep. We got a huge pile of it together and my sister thought it'd be fun to put William on the pile.

Later that night I was feeding him some sweet potatoes and decided to ask for  kiss. He put his forehead to mine. I asked a few more times with the same result. Apparently he thinks kissing means touching foreheads haha!

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