Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It Had To Happen & Six Month Well Check

William fell off the bed a few hours ago. First time he's done that. Don't know why I didn't think to move him further from the edge. I was busy taping down the tin foil that had come up on the window (cheaper than black out curtains) and he was playing on the bed and I guess he went after the phone charger cord that was in a pile of stuffed animals next to the bed and down he went. I'm hoping he hit the animals and rolled to the floor, though the thump was pretty hard I guess it could have been like that if it was a fast roll down the mountain of plushies.

I picked him up right away and he stopped crying so I guess it didn't hurt him too much. But I will be keeping an eye out for any off behavior.


William had his 6 month well check last Friday. It's a bit late but oh well. He weighs 18lbs 10oz, head circumference is 18", body length is 27" (maybe 27.5). He's around the 50th percentile, whatever that means. All I know is that he's right where he should be considering how much he weighed at birth.

He had two shots that day and I wasn't looking forward to them but I was really surprised with how well he handled them. The first time he cried and I nursed him and the next day he wasn't feeling well at all. The next time he cried for a few minutes. I don't remember if he'd had shots each time, blah. But this last time he cried for a few seconds and was fine. Wasn't even grumpier than normal the next day. So proud of him! ^_^

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