Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Month Shots

January 30, 2011 William had his two month appointment. He is now 14lbs 14oz and 22in long. They say he is above average for weight gain and below average for growth. All that matters to me is that he is healthy.

The nurse went through the normal deal, asking me questions and such about William's feeding, sleeping, etc. When she got to his bowel movements I asked her about the fact that it can take him a while once he starts trying to pass gas or go poo and he strains and yet he doesn't have solid stools. She seemed to think that meant something but she never said. When the doctor asked about that and I told him, he did the same thing. I'm a bit peeved. I'd like to make things easier for my baby because it wakes him up often.

The doctor had to pull some of his skin back on William's penis. William did very well with that and any time he cried out the doctor stopped. Luckiy the cries were because of boredom, not pain. And though I continue to pull the skin back myself (though not as much as the doctor did because it's not something a regular person should do) I fear the skin has just gone right back. The doctor didn't even get it all so he said we'll work on it again at the next appointment.

Then came the shots. I wasn't as emotional as I thought I'd be. That was good because the poor little man cried hard. I nursed him when it was done and he fell asleep. The rest of that day he did fine. It wasn't until 3:30am that he began feeling bad.

So Tuesday wasn't a fun day for my baby. I let him nurse whenever he wanted and just catered to him. By Wednesday he was good again and today he's even better! That's all over with now and I'm not going to think about the next appointment until I get the reminder in the mail.

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