Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hmm I think a little color might be nice. I wish I was more tech/html/whatever savvy so I could make the blog look nice but I'm only slightly above average when it comes to anything on the computer. I have a livejournal and the preset stuff I picked out I really like. Wish Blogspot's stuff was better.

Anyway the point to this post. So William will be 3 months in four days. He has been cooing, smiling, laughing, lifting his head during tummy time, focusing on objects and following them, and now I can add rolling over and getting his index and middle fingers into his mouth to the list.

Yesterday (February 7, 2012) William rolled over for the first time. He was having his tummy time and watching TV (the best time to do tummy time because he wants to lift his head to see the screen) and he lifted his left arm like he was reaching for something and just rolled onto his back! I happened to be filming it with my cell phone because I was amazed at how long he was hodlding his head up. He's been able to hold it up for several minutes.

Today he rolled over again. He did have a little bit of help from his aunt but I'm sure he would have done it on his own eventually.

Here's the video I got of it today:

I think the next milestone will be him discovering that his feet are actually his and will do his bidding, haha! He's taken to staring at them for a few minutes each day. He seems pretty fascinated in them.

I would like to add more videos and I have plenty to put up but a lot are either on my phone or on the video camera. My phone is only able (supposedly but I have yet to get it to do right) download things from the computer to the phone, not from the phone to the computer. In order to get the videos off the phone I'd have to send them to my mom or brother-in-law because they have iPhones and can e-mail me the videos. As for the video camera ones, I have to wait for my middle sister to put the videos on a disc and then I can rip the stuff off the disc onto my computer and then upload to the internet.

The videos I have on YouTube are ones taken with my mom's computer, which has a built in webcam (my webcam's mic won't work properly for some reason). Here's the other YouTube video:

I hope to have more videos to put up soon.

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