Friday, January 27, 2012

Giggles and Sleep

Took William to see his dad and brother today. His brother really loves him, it's cute. It's the first time he got to be around William while he was wide awake and "talking." William did well but did get hungry after an hour so I had to leave since I didn't have stuff for him. I did it that way on purpose. I'm not fond of hanging out at FOB's place. The smell brings back bad feelings and we are always in his room so FOB can play video games.

After I got back home I fed William and then was pumping, playing with, talking, and reading to him. While I was just talking to him I paused for a moment to check the computer and when I turned back to him it startled him. His eyes widened and he and jumped, then giggled. It was a full on giggle. No dry cough or squeal. It was incredibly cute! I tried to get him to do it again but I couldn't. I hope I get to hear more real soon.

Once I was done I brought him out into the kitchen/sitting area/dining room and set him in his bouncy chair while everyone and I ate. During this time, my mom's hubby's sister-in-law asked to hold William and I said sure. So she goes and picks him up then brings him back to the table and is talking to him and letting him look around. Then she has him facing her, laying against her shoulder and she's rubbing in big circles over his lower back and butt. Within minutes he's fast asleep. I couldn't believe it. The only time he falls asleep while someone is sitting down with him is when he's nursing and I'm in the TV room.

After all that she asked where to put him to bed and I showed her. As soon as she set him in his swing he started crying. She shushed him while I grabbed the womb sounds bear, hoping it would help. I set it down and she took it and laid it tummy to tummy on William and said, "Now he thinks it's you." He went back to sleep within a few minutes. I'm still shocked by it all. I never thought of putting the bear on him or right next to him. Rubbing his back never worked because he's ticklish there so he just spazzes out. But I'm going to try this tomorrow and see if it works and if it keeps wokring while they're here, I'll try it again after they leave and see if it works. Hopefully it does. He's now in bed a full hour before I've been putting him to bed all week!

I really love my son ^_^

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