Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting Closer

So Saturday marked week 37 for me. Today makes only 19 days until my estimated due date. My little one seems perfectly content to stay there for a while longer, which is good but I am definitely getting antsy. I can't wait to see what my baby looks like! Also can't wait to hold the little one.

Went to a baby shower on Saturday and one of the other guests brought her 2-week-old with her. He was just adorable! Completely zonked out, too. I could have just stared at him forever! So incredibly sweet and when he stretched and scrunched up his face because people were too crowded around him or messing with him too much, I just wanted to melt!

Now, if only my nesting instinct would kick in so I could figure out what to do with the stuffed animals I put in the pack n play. Luckily I don't have my entire collection with me or else there'd be no room for anything. If the heat wasn't floor heating I could just set them in a neat pile on the floor between the bed and the outside wall, but I've gotta leave the floor as uncovered as I can or else it won't be warm enough for me and baby. This is a problem.

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