Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update 1-12-2012

William is two months old today! I haven't been able to post anything on here because when I get time where I don't have him in my arms I have to either nap, clean, shower, etc. When I have him I've got one hand free and that's really hard to type things up so I stick with making short replies to whatever.

Right now he's taking another nap. I think he's going through a growth spurt. He just got up from a nap a little over an hour ago. That nap was about 3 hours. I felt bad for putting him in his swing while he's up instead of interacting with him but I was busy trying to eat. I had him on his play mat watching TV (he LOVES watching TV and movies) and when he got fussy there I set him in my lap while I ate but he got fussy after about 10 minutes. So I set him in his swing. I didn't want to, but what else could I do? He fussed for a minute and then sat there watching TV or staring at the bed, which told me he was tired. When he just stares into space I know he needs sleep. And now he's asleep. I should go take a shower but I really wanna update, haha!

So, like I said, he loves watching TV and movies. I took him to the movies the other week to see The Muppets. He did wonderful! He gave a small cry in the first five minutes so I took him from the carrier and nursed him, then sat him in my lap. He watched pretty much all of the movie. I just kept switching him from knee to knee or the center of my lap. I played with his arms and whisper talked to him or let him look out at the seats behind me. He didn't make a single noise until the credits rolled. I doubt he'll be so content to watch a movie again until he's a few years old. It was a fun little outing.

He makes noises now. He started about three weeks ago, maybe four. They all kind of blur together and his cooing came on so slowly that I can't really pinpoint a date. He talks most while I read to him and it's so adorable the faces he makes when talking. He also sticks his tongue out and makes bubbles, hehe ^_^ On December 25th he started trying to laugh. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet but I know when he's laughing. It comes out as this kind of dry cough. He will also squeal from time to time.

The Christmas tree and the ceiling fan in the sitting room are his favorite things in the house. They get his attention and can keep him from crying for a good while. It'll be sad when the tree is put away.

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