Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random #1

I keep forgetting to post stuff on here. It's usually because I feel more like this should be for big things and not just small stuff that happens here and there. A Twitter feed would be more appropriate for small things, but I absolutely refuse to get a Twitter account.

So first random thing is I got up around 10:50am because my stomach was growling. If I wasn't pregnant, I would have ignored it and gone back to sleep. Buuuut since I gotta feed the little one I got up and went into the kitchen in search of food.

Only thing I could think to eat was an orange. I've had orange juice so baby has had that before, but I wondered if there might be anything different if I had the actual orange.

Sitting on the bed, watching Teen Mom and eating an orange and baby goes wild. Little one really enjoyed it, haha! I hate it when baby goes for days not being very active and that's what's been going on recently. So feeling it move a bunch was nice. And right now baby has decided to push up against the laptop. Baby loves it when I type a bunch. My typing always get it to moving around a lot.

Oh, and I'm seriously thinking about getting some Taco Bell. It just sounds so good for some reason. I haven't had it since March. I got it then and it sat on my stomach for over 5 hours not digesting. It sucked. I felt cranky and super tired until I finally got mad enough to go and force myself to vomit. Seriously, it was like my stomach had just stopped digesting stuff. Afterwards I felt great and wasn't tired anymore. Oh and I really loathe throwing up and will only do it if I'm nauseous enough to where I can't help it or if something I ate is not sitting right with me and refuses to let up or digest. It's a last resort thing.

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